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Custom Design

Custom designs allow us to work directly with our customers on product creation

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Our selected carriers deliver to the USA and Canada.

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Safety Railings, Assembly, Carts, Handles, and More!

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We are dedicated to delivering high-quality products

Whether it’s for theater performances, school events, band rehearsals, touring groups, venue setups, church choirs, or custom projects, we are dedicated to delivering high-quality products that meet your unique needs.

Core Lite Industries specializes in crafting:

  • podiums
  • risers
  • stage risers
  • band risers
  • and an array of other versatile staging solutions tailored for various occasions

At Core Lite Industries, we understand the importance of reliability, durability, and adaptability, ensuring our customers receive solutions that exceed expectations and inspire creativity.

Roland V-Drums electronic drum set on stage.

About us

Core-Lite Industries has experience with many types of performance staging
Whether you are a band, choir, orchestra, theater, or church we have a solution ready for you. Our stages and risers are constructed of solid, lightweight materials. Typical portable risers and stages on the market today consist of a platform with folding legs. Our solid construction directs sound directly towards your audience; and since there are no mechanical legs or non supported platforms, Core-Lite Industries is superior in sound, absorption, and stability!


“My eyes grew wide when I first saw the “Ultra” podium onstage at the Elgin Symphony Orchestra, and my heart filled with happiness after I stepped onto it. The Featherblock “Ultra” podium is one of the most comfortable ‘work spaces’ a conductor can occupy!”

Andrew Grams

“We absolutely LOVE (space saver) it!! Thank you so much. It’s perfect for our situation and everything it promised to be in terms of solid, sturdy, and quiet.”

Barbara Armenti

Regarding their recent purchase of a FeatherBLOCK Choir Riser System: “Everything is great…they are functioning exactly as we’d hoped. Sturdy, silent, easy to move. Great product!”

JD Stewart

Regarding Santa Monica Ultra Wedge Installation: “Hi Bob, I love the way they look, I love how solid they feel and I like how solid they sound (no sound) when my students are walking on and off of them.”

Jeffe Huls

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Discover the perfect solution for your performance needs. Whether you’re a band, choir, orchestra, theater, or church, our stages and risers are expertly crafted from solid, lightweight materials. Elevate your performance with our innovative and reliable stage solutions. Request a quote today!