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First Post- What Is the History of Core-Lite Industries and Featherblock?

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Drum set on stage with speakers and geometric backdrop.
Posted on February 5, 2023

Core-Lite Industries originated as was first created in December of 2008 and owned by Barry and Kevin Keeley from Midland Michigan. was a company that strictly used sprayed on LINE-X bed liner material to coat EPS foam blocks. So the first portable stages and choir risers were just that, a black coated EPS foam block. In addition to choir risers and portable stages they looked at other products such as pipe line supports and portable terrain parks for Trike-Bikes. The Trike-Bike is a three wheeled bike that moved forward with a motion similar to water skiing. These blocks did have some unique features such as an interlocking profile that kept the risers in alignment without requiring any special tools to assemble.

The first real breakthrough for was a stage that was ordered by Turtle Creek Casino in Williamsburg, MI.

This was a 20′ x 16′ rectangular portable stage that could be set up and taken down for their weekend special entertainment. It also included Featherblock’s first drum riser with a built-in safety glass front wall to assist in preventing bleed through to the other mics.

Featherblock had already made smaller stage riser jobs but not to the scale of the Turtle Creek job. The selling feature at this time was the easy-to-set-up and tear-down as the schedule required. It also was a lightweight modular portable stage assembly. This was to become the first large-scale job for

Realizing that product design was not their cup of tea, Berry and Kevin offered Bob Brock who, with years of product design experience, took over the company and launched it as a new company called Core-Lite Industries, LLC.