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Post #3- Are There Benefits of Core-Lite Products for Recording?

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Empty choir risers on stage.
Posted on October 5, 2023

I’ve always said that the Core-Lite solid EPS core products provide a benefit to sound reproduction and recording.

  1.  The construction technique of our EPS core risers eliminates unintended sounds that can be created by other types of riser construction.  Most competitor products are constructed of materials such as round or square tubular steel support structures.
  2. Most competitor products are dependent of connecting a support structure using mechanical fasteners to a platform structure.  This creates a possibility over time to loosen and allow movement between these structure.  Movement equals unintended noise.  The Core-Lite product has no moving parts, thus eliminating the possibility of noise.
  3. Most competitor products have an open air space under the riser deck surface allowing sound to take a path that is not controlled.  The Core-Lite product has a completely solid riser that forces all sound to project directly where you want it, to the audience and selectively placed microphones.


The Media and IT team at Lenexa Baptist Church has confirmed these benefits of the Core-Lite Design riser system.  They completely redesigned their performance stage using the Core-Lite Design quiet riser system.  They had a very good evaluation of the traditional choir riser elevated tier system before and after installing the CL quiet system.

They were so impressed with their new ability to place microphone with less spacing between their orchestra microphones and their vocal microphones with no cross feed of the orchestra and vocal mics.

This gives them precise separation that they did not experience with their old built in choir riser system and of course greater control for real time vocal and orchestral reproduction.

Video- Kansas City Christmas- Lenexa Baptist Church

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