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Post #6- What are the options for choir riser layouts?

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Empty modern auditorium with piano and seats.
Posted on October 5, 2023

For over ten years Core-Lite Design has been designing standard seated riser and curved seated riser with custom and standard designs.

From our very first “EPS” foam core choir/choral riser to most recent seated choir riser order. Our customers have provided the information that our claim to a “QUIET” product is real. They also confirm that not only is it quiet but also provides features during recording we did not think of. Reduction of Microphone Bleed has been confirmed by IT managers of some of the most up-to-date music ministries in the USA. Quite, reduced microphone bleed, precise mixing during the recording editing are all features that you get from Core-Lite Design.

And now our newest design- Core-Lite Ultra Curved Risers. Our latest curve risers design has just been delivered to Santa Monica, CA high school. This completely new curved choral riser design features continuous wedge sections entirely from stage left to stage right.

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