The Gold Standard of Risers

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Choir Riser Diagrams/Proposals

Promotional text for silent podiums and risers with graphic.

Band Directors Article

Diagram of black riser modules layout for Ardmore Church.

Ardmore United Methodist Layout

Choir riser layout diagram with dimensions and notes.

Seated Choir Risers- 60 Standing

Architectural blueprint with building measurements.

St Charles Layout Diagram

Choral risers layout diagram with seat arrangements.

Regency Choral- 24 and 26 Foot Layout

Curved seating plan blueprint with dimensions.

Tempe - Revised Layout with Wedge

Schematic of Texas Avenue Baptist choir riser levels with prices.

Texas Ave Baptist - Layout

Diagram of First Baptist Church seating layout.

1st Baptist Church - Tempe, AZ

Technical drawing of choir risers with dimensions.

First Baptist Church Hendersonville, NC

Auditorium seating layout diagram with 72 seats.

Large Choir

Terraced stage layout design diagram with dimensions.

Teradata Risers

Curved theater seating layout design blueprint.

St Charles Borromeo Church

Seating plan for Tanglewood Church, 44 seats.

Tanglewood Church

Curved church pew layout diagram with dimensions.

Tanglewood Church 60 Seats

Seating plan for church with rows and chair count.

2nd Baptist Church- 83 Seats

Diagram of church seating layout with dimensions.

2nd Baptist Church- 98 Seats