The Gold Standard of Risers


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Shipping is based on three factors:

Total weight of order- riser and accessory weight

Total weight of packaging- number of skids to safely ship to your destination

Destination of order- Your zip code

Packaging consists of a custom sized skid for your order and all necessary materials to protect your order during transportation.  We have standard size skids based on our years of experience with our shipping company. Shipping estimates are done on line using UPS Freight or Fed Ex Freight based on the information that we create during the quote process.  This information is used to generate a packaging price and a freight estimate price.  We have negotiated discounts with these carriers to assure a competitive freight cost for your quote.

Ideally you should provide a business address to receive the best possible shipping price estimate.  Residential or non-business addresses require added costs regardless of the carrier.  These charges will be added to the final invoice if a business address is not provided.

Some customers close to our manufacturing site choose to pick up their order.  This is totally acceptable and shipping and packaging will be deducted from the total amount due.

Our selected carriers deliver to the USA and Canada.  We have shipped off shore but this responsibility lies with the customer.  All off shore shipment are FOB Grand Haven, Michigan 49417.

Pallets with wrapped boxes in warehouse.
Packed wooden pallet in warehouse for shipping.