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FeatherBlock Limited Warranty
Subject to the following limitations, terms and conditions, FeatherBlockDesign, LLC, (hereinafter referred to as “FeatherBlock”)warrants to the original owner of each new FeatherBlock product(“Product”) that the Product when new is free of defective materials and workmanship. This warranty shall expire 3 years on risers and 5 years of mechanical components from the date of the original purchase from FeatherBlockor an authorized dealer or representative and is conditioned upon the Product being operated under normal conditions and use, and properly maintained. This warranty is void if the Product was not purchased new or not properly assembled. If the product should “fail”due to faulty materials or workmanship during the warranty period, the product will be replaced subject to the Conditions of Warranty below. Also, if any part of the Product fails to function properly due to faulty materials or workmanship during the warranty period, such part will be repaired or replaced, at FeatherBlock’s discretion, subject to the Conditions of Warranty below. For the sake of this warranty, “failure” of the FeatherBlock Product is defined as“cracking and/or de-lamination of the outer surface on risers and loss of function failure of mechanical components under normal conditions and use”.
Conditions of Warranty
This Limited Warranty is made only to the original owner of the new Product purchased from FeatherBlock or an authorized dealer or representative, and it shall remain in force only as long as the original owner retains ownership of the Product. This Limited Warranty is not transferable. In order to exercise your rights under this limited warranty, the warranty claim must be presented during the warranty period to FeatherBlock or one of its authorized representatives, together with a receipt, bill of sale or other appropriate written proof of purchase. The original owner shall pay all delivery or shipping charges connected with delivery or shipment of the defective Product or part to FeatherBlock or its authorized dealer.Under no circumstances does this limited warranty include the cost of travel, delivery or shipment to FeatherBlock or its authorized dealer. Such costs, if any, shall be borne by the original owner. FeatherBlock shall pay the shipping costs associated with shipment of a replacement part and/or the shipment of a replacement or repaired part to the original owner. The original owner shall be responsible for any re-assembly of the Product required in connection with any replacement or repair. It is also the responsibility of the original owner to ensure that all parts included in the original shipment from the factory are properly installed and that all functional parts are adjusted properly. It is also the responsibility of the original owner to perform or provide all reasonable and necessary maintenance and adjustments to keep the Product in good working condition. This limited warranty does not apply to normal wear and tear,nor to claimed defects, malfunctions or failures that result from abuse, neglect, shipping damages, damage caused accidentally or deliberately, exceeding weight limits, improper assembly, improper maintenance, alteration, collision, crash or misuse or improper use. The Product has not been designed, engineered, distributed manufactured, or retailed for uses in severe climates. Exposure to extreme temperatures –hot or cold -may damage the Product and in all cases temperature and/or weather-related damage will void this warranty. The user assumes all risk of personal injuries relating to use of the Product, damage to or failure of the Product and any such injury, damages or loss if the Product is altered in any way or if it is misused.
Useful Product Life Cycle
Every FeatherBlock Product has a useful product life cycle. The length of that useful product life cycle will vary with the maintenance and care received over its useful product life, and the type and amount of use the FeatherBlock Product is subject to. The Featherblock Product should be checked periodically for indicators of stress and any other indicators of potential problems. These are important safety checks and very important to help prevent accidents, bodily injury to the customer and shortened useful life cycle of the FeatherBlock Product.THIS IS AN INTEGRATED AND FINAL STATEMENT OF FEATHERBLOCK’S LIMITED WARRANTY. FEATHERBLOCK DOES NOT AUTHORIZE OR ALLOW FOR ANYONE, INCLUDING ITS AUTHORIZED DEALERS OR REPRESENTATION, TO EXTEND ANY OTHER WARRANTIES, EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED. NO OTHER REPRESENTATION AND NO STATEMENT OF ANYONE BUT THE COMPANY, INCLUDING A DEMONSTRATION OF ANY KIND BY ANYONE, SHALL CREATE ANY WARRANTY REGARDING THE FEATHERBLOCK PRODUCT. ALL OF THE REMEDIES AVAILABLE TO THE ORIGINAL OWNER ARE STATED HEREIN. IT IS AGREED THAT FEATHERBLOCK LIABILITY UNDER THIS LIMITED WARRANTY SHALL BE NO GREATER THAN THE AMOUNT OF THE ORIGINAL PURCHASE PRICE AND IN NO EVENT SHALL FEATHERBLOCK BE LIABLE FOR INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES.
All other remedies, obligations, liabilities, rights, warranties, express or implied, arising from law or otherwise, including but not limited to, any claimed implied merchantability, any claimed implied warranty arising from course of performance, and any course of dealing or usage of trade, are disclaimed by FeatherBlock and waived by the original owner. Some states, jurisdictions, countries, do not allow some or all of the limitations set for herein, or the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages. If any provision is found unenforceable, only that provision shall be stricken and all others shall apply. This limited warranty does provide the original owner with certain legal rights and recourse and the original owner may possess other rights or recourse, depending on the state, jurisdiction, country or province.